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johnnalang said: Hi. I miss you.

Me, too. I miss the old you.

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You crave something when you don’t have resources to afford it. And when you have money to buy it, you forgot what is it that you crave.

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Thursday nga pala ngayon. Hmmm #tth

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Letting someone go

I don’t understand the times when they say “I will be much happy when you let me go”, even though you are so happy together.

Where is the irony in that situation? Is there someone else? Or it is me that gives you shit? What? Damn feels. Fvck it. Let you go? Did you even think what would happen to me when I let you go? Of course, you will say I will be hurt. But, no. I will be sad seeing someone making you smile again.

Thinking such events do happen, I find this a total bullcrap and a freaking arsehole witch in the pot of green of the milky way galaxy.

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chescariffic said: Really? It hurts a lot right? Being able to realize na wala na. Hanggang doon nalang. No more future. No more.

Line: “Hanggang dito nalang ba tayo?” - chescariffic
Me: “This line. I remember this one coming out of my mouth, slicing out my heart.”
Yes. The fact that the more you love the person, the more pain you suffer. The more fun you had with her, more sadness will cover.
Actually, ganyan talaga. Parang business lang naman. You put everything to a risk. Time, money, your self and your everything. And once na na-bankrupt ang business, you find those things less meaningful or let me say, reversed. Mawawala lahat. Parang nasunugan ka ng pera. Pinagod mo sarili mo para sa wala. At ang pinakamasakit, ‘yung alam mong bukas na masaya, hindi na pala.

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Always remember that someone loves you no matter what and no matter when. Okay? I am here. Just one message away.

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Seamless chains

It is very hard to tell whether you will have a fun day or a day full of nightmares. We can never tell what’s going to happen when we extend 20 seconds lying in bed thinking something we never thought of having with. And by that 20 second delay, the track of time, the destiny will be changed.

In 20 seconds, we could have gone to the bathroom sink and wash our face and grab a toothbrush.

In 20 seconds, we could have spotted a celebrity passing by a mall.

In 20 seconds, we could have missed the ride to work, or to school.

In 20 seconds, we could have done something a person has never done before.

It is just so weird that I am posting this. It is just, we must value our time. We don’t know. In 20 seconds, we’ll see the light of our Lord God and he is welcoming us to His Kingdom.

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“One day, it was perfect. The next day, it was over.”
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Do you have this feeling that you have this future that is uncertain even if you still plan on having a great one? You are not alone, my friend.

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You should have known I love you.

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And work. Specially, work.

And work. Specially, work.

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“…and I became part of your past.”
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"Isa sa mga kinakaharap ng karamihang Pilipino ay ang malnutrisyon, na kung saan ang Pilipinas ay sumusunod na sa bansang Africa pagdating dito." – Kara David.

I am shocked from what I saw. A documentary that is all about malnutrition of Filipino youth even adults in the southern part of Luzon. Honestly, I witnessed in that documentary the famine that no one will ever imagine that is currently happening nowadays.

There is this young woman that is in bed for three months. I pity her health condition, it is unbearable. She eats food that is not that rich from nutrients. And in addition to her condition, her older siblings died from severe malnutrition.

One family from that community is also facing this kind of challenge and hunger. Even though, the father of the said family has a job on a market not far from their home, the money that he gain from that job isn’t enough to buy their everyday food. Even their few month old baby is also a victim of this situation.

Coffee, their everyday drink instead of milk. Even their food, coffee. This is just let hunger pass away from them. What is the reason behind all of this? How can we help changing the lives of our fellow Filipinos suffering from malnutrition?

Poverty, the most likely reason from all of this. Tax… Government programs… I don’t know…

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